How To Sign A Business Letter

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How To Sign A Business Letter
How To Sign A Business Letter

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Business etiquette implies the correct preparation of written correspondence. And if the templates and headers of business letters are drawn up in a fairly standard way, then not enough attention is paid to signatures in correspondence. In order for the addressee to correctly decipher your message, the business letter has legal force, it is necessary to correctly and correctly present the official at the end of the business letter.

How to sign a business letter
How to sign a business letter


Step 1

Official letters should be printed on a special form that meets the standard. At the top of the sheet of paper there should be permanent elements: the letter head (full and abbreviated name of the sending company, its postal and legal address, phone and fax number, website), then the main text follows, below - the signature of the person in charge.

Step 2

The signature field is located in the lower left corner directly below the text of the business letter. Before the line for signature, indicate the title of the position of the person signing the letter and the transcript of the full name. Due to the fact that business letters are always drawn up on the letterheads of institutions, do not indicate the name of the organization itself in the signature. For example: General Director of the TV and Radio Company, signature … A.P. Sidorov ".

Step 3

Sometimes it is required to put two or more signatures under business letters if it is required to confirm the validity of the first signature or in especially important documents (letters on financial and credit issues must also be certified by the signature of the chief accountant of the enterprise). Place the signatures strictly one below the other in the sequence that corresponds to the seniority of the position - from higher to lower, for example: Director of the Department, signature … P.V. Troparion

Chief accountant, signature … TS Sobanko.

Step 4

If the letter must be signed by several persons holding the same / equal positions, place their signatures at the same level, for example: Head of the Finance Department, signature… P.O. Ivanov, Head of Human Resources, signature … K.O. Petrov.

Step 5

If, at the time of signing the business letter, there is no official for whose signature the place on the draft form has been prepared, the document has the right to be signed by the person performing his duties, or his deputy. Indicate the actual position of the person whose signature will be in the letter ("acting" or "deputy") and his surname. You cannot sign business letters using the preposition "for" or a forward slash in front of the position.

Step 6

All copies of business letters, both sent and remaining for filing in the files of organizations, must have the original signatures of these officials. The original signature on the document (and a business letter is a legal document) is the main way to certify it. If there is not a single signature on an official letter, it has no legal force.

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