How To Get Help From Bti

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How To Get Help From Bti
How To Get Help From Bti

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To carry out any legal action with real estate objects, there is a need to take a certificate from the bureau of technical inventory. Often, in order to obtain the necessary certificate, it is necessary to call a BTI technical officer to inspect the building or premises and draw up new technical documentation or to amend an already made cadastral passport.

How to get help from bti
How to get help from bti

It is necessary

  • -passport
  • -documents of ownership
  • -notarized power of attorney from the owner, if you are not the owner
  • -request from a notary, if the case is about inheritance
  • - letter of guarantee (for legal entities)
  • -the asset holder visa (for tenants)
  • -birth certificate (about death)
  • -marriage certificate (about dissolution)


Step 1

The Bureau of Technical Inventory issues certificates for residential and non-residential premises only to the owner of these premises or a notarized representative of the owner.

Step 2

To obtain any types of certificates, you must contact the BTI personally, write a statement indicating for what purpose this certificate is needed.

Step 3

Often, to get the necessary help, you are asked to update the information in the technical documents of the building. It is legal if the information specified in the BTI documents is already 5 or more years old. After 5 years, all technical documents must be updated with an indication of changes, if they were or without changes, but definitely with the participation of a BTI technical officer and an inspection. Only after the production of new technical documents will you be given the required certificates. This is done for a long time, but if you pay a tariff for speed, the process can be accelerated up to 1-2 days.

Step 4

When ordering documents, extracts and certificates by individuals, you need to present a passport, a document confirming the right to ownership of this building. They will also require a marriage certificate or divorce certificate. A death or birth certificate may be required, depending on what and what kind of document you need.

Step 5

If you submit documents to a notary office to open an inheritance case, then the notary will need to make a written request to the technical inventory bureau. Without it, you will not be given a single certificate, because you are not yet the owner.

Step 6

To obtain a certificate, legal entities must, in addition to identity documents, present a letter of guarantee and a visa for the asset holder, if the premises are rented. When applying for a legal entity that is the owner - a document of ownership.

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