How To Get Form 9 Help

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How To Get Form 9 Help
How To Get Form 9 Help
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A Form 9 certificate is a document that contains information about people registered in the living space. Without it, it is difficult to sell an apartment, privatize and carry out other real estate transactions. Getting it is easy enough.

How to get Form 9 help
How to get Form 9 help


Step 1

To get this certificate, you need to contact the passport office at your place of residence. Of course, it is advisable that you are the owner of the living space, for which you will be given the information you are interested in. If you have a passport with a registration stamp, you will receive a paper indicating the number of owners registered in the apartment. Against the surname, name and patronymic of each of them, it will be indicated when they were registered in the apartment. Sometimes in such a certificate is written the reason why someone from a previously fraudulent acquisition of temporary registration.

Step 2

As a rule, a certificate is issued immediately at the time of contact. However, if you have a large debt on utility bills, then you better take care of paying your debts first, so that an unpleasant surprise does not await you at the passport office.

Step 3

There is no statute of limitations for this certificate. However, some real estate companies prefer that such a certificate be no more than a month old. Therefore, it is better to be puzzled about how and when to take it closer to any real estate transaction. True, it is also not worth dragging it out and hoping that you will take it right the day before. It is best to request it 7-10 days before you need it.

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