How To Find A Job In The Cinema

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How To Find A Job In The Cinema
How To Find A Job In The Cinema

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The magical world of cinema seems to many people to be something completely incomprehensible and inaccessible. Meanwhile, finding a job in the film industry is no more difficult than finding a job in any other industry. Naturally, a lot depends on what kind of position you intend to apply for.

In the cinema "from the street"

The easiest way to get to work in the cinema without a specialized education is to look for vacancies for support staff. No film company can do without secretaries, managers, computer specialists, personnel workers. Of course, such work will be practically indistinguishable from ordinary office activities, but it can become a source of useful acquaintances and connections, and, in addition, it will give an idea of ​​how the film industry works from the “inside”. In addition, even non-creative work in a film studio will allow you to find out about castings, vacancies, courses and special events much earlier than other people.

Another option to get in touch with the mysterious world of cinema is to take part in mass filming. People who agree to be present in the frame, following the director's orders, are required very often. In this case, you should not count on recognition, fame and stellar fees, but as a one-time job shooting in the "crowd" is quite attractive. It is best to look for ads about the recruitment of actors for the "crowd" on the Internet: invitations appear on the representative websites of film studios, agencies for the selection of actors, as well as in specialized groups in social networks.

Work for professionals

If you are planning to associate your career with the film industry, it makes sense to attend to obtaining a specialized education. These can be courses in acting, cinematography, directorial education, or a sound engineer diploma. Naturally, before you go to study, you need to figure out which profession is closer to you, so as not to regret the time and effort spent. This can be helped by open days, which are held by educational institutions before the start of the season for accepting documents.

In no case should you neglect building a portfolio. These can be amateur videos, educational recordings, or professional work. Collect the best of them in a separate archive that you can show to potential employers. Many film studios are recruiting staff not on a permanent basis, but for a specific project, in which case examples of your work can play a decisive role in choosing your candidacy.

Finally, one can get into the cinema from a “related” profession - literary activity. If you write easily and interestingly, are able to perceive criticism and make the required changes to your text, then perhaps a career as a screenwriter is a good choice for you, especially if a work that can become an interesting script is already ready. Of course, in this case, you will most likely have to get a lot of rejections, but if your idea is of interest to the film company, then you are practically guaranteed a job in the cinema.

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