How To Draw Up A Contract For A Trial Period

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How To Draw Up A Contract For A Trial Period
How To Draw Up A Contract For A Trial Period

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When hiring employees, some employers set a probationary period. According to article 70 of the Labor Code, managers have the right to do this, but at the same time they must comply with the deadlines. It is everyone's business to introduce a test condition into the contract, but in order to avoid problems with a new employee, it is still worth writing about the term.

How to draw up a contract for a trial period
How to draw up a contract for a trial period


Step 1

Set a trial period first. Be guided by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, which states that in relation to an employee, the term cannot exceed three months, and if a chief accountant or manager is hired, six. In the event that you are employing a temporary employee, you can schedule tests within two weeks.

Step 2

When drawing up a contract, you should be aware that there are categories of workers to which the probationary period is not applicable. This includes pregnant women, minors, and those employees who are hired on a transfer or promotion basis.

Step 3

First of all, ask the employee to write a statement of the following sample: "I ask you to accept me for the position __ in LLC __ with (specify the period) with a trial period of __ days."

Step 4

Then draw up an employment contract. Please also indicate the availability and duration of the trial period here. If the payment during the first time of work differs, be sure to write down its amount. In the future, you can increase it with an additional agreement. In addition, fill out the condition of the test in the order for employment.

Step 5

Next, you will need to prepare tasks that the employee will perform during the trial period. Familiarize the employee with the document, he must sign and date.

Step 6

In the process of work, observe the correctness of the fulfillment of duties, record deviations in acts or service memos.

Step 7

After the probationary period is over, the work of the employee suits you, you can continue to work without additionally drawn up forms. If, on the contrary, you are unhappy with the work, terminate the contract, referring to Article 71 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. But remember that in this case, you will need to notify the employee three days before the termination of the contract in writing.

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