How To Get Up At Work

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How To Get Up At Work
How To Get Up At Work

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Career growth is one of the main advantages when applying for a new job. However, without the necessary efforts, it will not work to take the top rungs of the career ladder. But any goal can be achieved if patiently and persistently move towards it.

How to get up at work
How to get up at work


  • - patience,
  • - initiative,
  • - obtaining additional knowledge,
  • - high working capacity.


Step 1

No matter what position you hold in the company, do your job flawlessly. Many people believe that if they perform basic functions for a penny salary, then they can work mediocre. This path closes any development prospects. Even if you pack groceries at the supermarket checkout, you can do it better than anyone else. You will be appreciated as a conscientious worker and may be entrusted with more serious responsibilities at the earliest opportunity.

Step 2

Try to familiarize yourself with the work of the company as fully and in detail as possible. Understand its structure and prospects, determine your personal development paths in it. Do not limit yourself to your own functionality, decide exactly how you would like to rise in your job.

Step 3

Develop constantly. Most often it turns out that for a new position you simply do not have enough qualifications and basic knowledge. Get a distance education, learn a foreign language, attend evening courses, participate in seminars and trainings. Strive to master new knowledge, even if it seems that they will not be useful to you. Collect all diplomas and certificates in a separate folder, supplement your resume. All this is an irreplaceable baggage that will stay with you forever. Do not neglect your self-development. Broaden your horizons, read more, attend exhibitions and concerts: all this will help you to be considered a versatile person in the company.

Step 4

Build a relationship with management. They shouldn't be familiar or friendly, but top managers should see you as a reliable, loyal person with an excellent reputation.

Step 5

Once you realize that within the framework of your current position, you feel cramped, determine for yourself the next step in the company. Prepare by speaking with management. State on paper or verbally all the arguments in favor of your promotion, describe the tasks and functions that you are ready to cope with. Clearly and clearly justify your desire to take a new position. Determine for yourself the desired salary level and confidently voice it to your superiors. This conversation is best done at an opportune moment, such as when a vacancy is being vacated or an expansion occurs. But you may not have to wait for a lucky break: very often new positions are created for specific employees, or you may not have to start a conversation with management. If before that you showed yourself as a professional, the boss himself will offer you a promotion.

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