How To Get Revenge On An Enemy At Work

How To Get Revenge On An Enemy At Work
How To Get Revenge On An Enemy At Work
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A person, even a calm, non-conflict person, may have an ill-wisher, including at work. Because of such people, sometimes you do not want to go to work, even if it is otherwise completely satisfied. There is a natural desire to repay your enemy "in the same coin". But what is the best way to do this?

How to get revenge on an enemy at work
How to get revenge on an enemy at work

A work colleague spreads gossip about you, tries to set leaders and colleagues against you, does not hide his joy at any mistake or mistake you make. This is very frustrating. The first impulse in such a situation is to openly express to the ill-wisher everything that you think of him. But this is a wrong decision. Almost certainly you will then appear in the eyes of your colleagues and superiors as an ill-mannered and unrestrained brawler, and your enemy - an innocent victim.

You can be sure that he wants to provoke you with his behavior. Do not follow his lead, do not let him rejoice.

Therefore, keep your cool and self-control, even though it is not easy. You can take revenge on your enemy in a different, more subtle way.

As a rule, the motive for the actions of your ill-wisher is either envy (for example, if you are smarter, more talented, you move up the corporate ladder faster), or the fear that you can “push” him into the background, deprive him of prospects. Therefore, if you want to really hurt your enemy, do exactly what makes him restless. That is, continue to demonstrate your superiority by more successfully solving official tasks, achieving better results. Impeccably observe labor discipline, do not be distracted by extraneous matters, so as not to give your superiors any reason for nagging. And with your foe, behave emphatically, even demonstratively, politely, ignoring all his attempts to provoke you.

The more advantageous you look against his background, the more painful your revenge will be.

You can also resort to more sophisticated methods of revenge. For example, in response to his caustic jokes, respond with feigned sympathy: “You must be very unlucky in your personal life …”, or “Are you so angry because you still haven't gotten a promotion? Don't worry so much, in ten years it will surely happen! " The rules of good manners are followed, there is nothing to complain about, and for your enemy such words are like a slap in the face.

If your enemy has crossed all the boundaries, you can act according to the rule "Hit the enemy with his own weapon." Try to gather more information about him, find out where his "weak point" is and strike at him (again, without resorting to insults, in a raised tone). At first glance, this may not seem like a very worthy act, but after all, your ill-wisher is himself to blame, you did not touch him first. There is often a team member who collects gossip. You can tell him about your ill-wisher, for example, about some fact from life. The gossip man will embellish the information received, as a result it will reach the ill-wisher in a distorted form. It will be very unpleasant for him.

If your coworker is trying to offend you with silly sayings, make it a joke. He wants to make you nervous. Do not fall for his provocations. Better tell him that you are not offended by stupid words. It is quite possible that after these words he will no longer sarcastically address you.

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