How To Get A Girl To Work In The Police

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How To Get A Girl To Work In The Police
How To Get A Girl To Work In The Police

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Before getting a job in the police, you need to think carefully about your decision and only after that start looking for vacancies. But desire alone is not enough, it is necessary that you have an appropriate education, excellent health and an impeccable reputation.

How to get a girl to work in the police
How to get a girl to work in the police


Step 1

Contact the personnel department of the regional police department, it is there that they will be able to tell you about the vacancies.

Step 2

If you have a law degree, then the search for vacancies will be much easier. With this education, you can serve as an interrogator, investigator, sometimes even an operative. You can also get a job in the Ministry of Internal Affairs if you have a pedagogical education - in the department for juvenile affairs.

Step 3

In case of a positive answer in the personnel department, it is imperative to go through a medical commission and a psychologist, who will propose to solve several psychological problems, the total number of questions of which reaches 600. If you cannot pass any doctor the first time, then try to cure the ailment and go through it again. The most important thing is that there are no significant contraindications or serious diseases.

Step 4

While you are undergoing a medical examination, the personnel department checks your biography, and this does not depend on the intended position. Not only the personality is studied, but also all relatives. If you identify a criminal record, at least one close relative, you will no longer be able to serve in the police.

Step 5

If the medical commission is passed successfully, then you are then registered with the police as an intern with a probationary period of 6 months. You will be assigned a mentor - the most experienced police officer. After you have passed the internship period, wait for the order on the appointment to the position and on the assignment of a special rank.

Step 6

Of course, it is much more difficult for a woman to enter the service than for a man, but if there is a desire and some training, this is a completely achievable goal.

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