How Much Should A Woman Earn

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How Much Should A Woman Earn
How Much Should A Woman Earn

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A hundred years ago, a woman could not imagine herself outside the home, and today, gender discrimination continues in some underdeveloped or Muslim countries. But in Europe, the USA and even Russia, you can see the triumph of feminism … For example, women often occupy important positions in companies, government posts and sometimes fully provide for their lives and the lives of their children without anyone's help. How much should a woman earn to be independent from a man?

How much should a woman earn
How much should a woman earn

Before talking about making money, you need to decide on goals

It should be noted right away that this topic involves a lot of controversy, since an exact answer to such a question cannot be given: too much depends on various factors, such as place of residence, needs, marital status, etc.

In terms of earnings, women are divided into three types: there are those who do not want to work at all, there are those who can satisfy their "wishes": buy cosmetics, clothes, other little things, and there is a third type - women who are able to fully provide for themselves and sometimes their children, and often even my husband, "throw" an extra $ 100.

Before setting a specific figure for yourself, it is worth realizing that it is very difficult to talk about any specifics without having received an education - few people manage to find a suitable job without education with a good salary or salary.

In addition, age says a lot: if a student girl moves from the provinces to St. Petersburg or Moscow, and her parents are unable to provide her with accommodation and meals, then she will need to strain and work. At least so as to survive.

When talking about numbers, it is important to take into account the place of residence: salaries and living in western cities of Russia are more expensive - finding cheap housing is almost unrealistic, and food sometimes costs about 10-15 thousand rubles per month per person.

The connection between education and salary for girls

An interesting fact: according to statistics, it is girls who most often do not work by education.


It is difficult to answer. Perhaps a big role in the process of choosing an activity among girls is played not only by the desire to make money, but also by the desire to do what they like. Many in the second or third year begin to realize that they are not doing exactly what they would like to do in the future, but it is too late to change something. Although at this stage, girls often change their paths, while men stay and "make their way to the end," even if they understand that they will not be doing what they like.

Even idlers need to find some way of earning money: often rich husbands divorce their beautiful housewives, leaving them to their fate. In such cases, the education received will play an important role.

Summing up, we can say that everything depends on ambition and desire to be independent. If a girl has the potential and desire to be free, then after graduation she should be able to rent an apartment, buy clothes, food and, possibly, take out a loan and a mortgage.

Arguing on the topic of how much a girl should earn, it makes no sense, because the average salary and prices for the necessary products throughout Russia vary widely.

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