How Much Do Authors Earn On The Site "How Simple"

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How Much Do Authors Earn On The Site "How Simple"
How Much Do Authors Earn On The Site "How Simple"

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The site has existed for many years. And it is filled with users who get paid for viewing their articles. Earnings on the site How easy it has become an additional income for hundreds of people. And the amount of income depends on the number of texts and their popularity.

How much do they earn on the site
How much do they earn on the site

The amount of earnings from views of articles

Website How simple does not bring too much earnings. The company pays 50 rubles for a thousand views. This is the average price for this type of cooperation. But it is very important that the site is large, it is unlikely that it will disappear, which means that it is not scary that the articles will be lost. Reliability has been tested for years, the resource has existed since 2010, and payments to authors are made regularly.

The average article gets 1000 views per year. Of course, there are exceptions, because an article can get into the top 5 of Yandex or Google, and then many more people will see it. But it is better to count on a minimum, and it is about 50 rubles a year. Accordingly, 100 articles will bring at least 5,000 rubles. Are higher amounts possible? Of course, with the right choice of topics, you can get 5000 per month, but only a few succeed.

When you add an article, there is a jump in views. Firstly, it appears on the main page, and secondly, all subscribers of the author see it. And if the topic is interesting, people look at it more actively. Then there is a slight decline in popularity, but after indexing by search engines, the article begins to bring in daily income.

How is money paid

To receive a salary on the site How easy, you need to register and then become an expert. The process takes no more than 5 days. After submitting the application and its approval, it is worth getting to work. During registration, the author provides real data and details of his own bank account. The money is transferred not to the virtual wallet, but to the account of the account holder.

Payments for As Simple in the spring of 2016 are made 2 times a month. According to the results of each week, an act of completed work is formed. The author prints it out, signs it and sends it to the accountant in a scanned form. This information is forwarded through the author's personal account.

You can not sign the act every week, but wait for the accumulation of a significant amount, and withdraw it immediately.

How to increase the cost of an article on How easy

Everyone is interested in how much they earn on the site. How simple are top authors. You can find out the exact answer by falling into this category. The higher the rating, the more likely it is to get into the TOP-5 authors of the exchange. Their avatars are featured on the home page of the site and their articles are therefore viewed more often. How to get to the TOP? We need to raise the rating. It increases when writing articles, when commenting on other people's materials, with an increase in the number of subscribers.

Earnings on the site increase. As simple as the number of articles. The more, the better. But it's important to choose the right topics. The more is written on a given issue, the more likely it is that the article will be too far in the search engines. Therefore, coming up with a theme is the most difficult process. It is better to choose by keywords, Wordstat from Yandex will help with this. Mid-frequency keys are the best option, they are requested by users, but not too much has been written on them.

Do not repeat the topics that were already on "How Simple". The probability that the new article will turn out to be higher than the old ones is very small, so before creating the text, check if there is any similar material on the site.

Create really useful topics. Let the articles be not an unsubscribe, but really necessary instructions or useful advice. The longer the reader stays on the page, the higher the search engines will rate the article. Today robots have learned to understand "usefulness", which is why good articles gain more views.

Each author has his own approach to the choice of topics and writing. The site has general rules, but no specific requirements. And, perhaps, in the comments, the authors will share what their earnings are on the site. How simple and how they choose topics for their work.

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