How To Find Motivation

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How To Find Motivation
How To Find Motivation
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You took a new job a few months ago. At first, all the projects seemed interesting, you were happy to take on any business, but after some time, interest in work began to weaken, and more and more often you have to suppress the desire to read the news on the Internet or check for updates on the social network. However, the job brings a good income. Obviously, you just need to find motivation for it, and everything will return to its place. How to find motivation to work?

How to find motivation
How to find motivation


Step 1

First, define the goals for which you took this job. Surely among them were a decent salary and the possibility of further professional development. Of course, you are paid a salary, and they also offer participation in more and more new projects. It would seem that the goals have been achieved, you are well fed, well dressed, doing something pleasant to you, and from time to time you learn something new. This is your comfort zone.

Step 2

Let's say your salary at your previous job was 50 thousand rubles, and at the new one it increased to 65 thousand. Is this really your limit? Of course not. And the new projects that you are assigned from time to time are also not the ceiling of your career. Once upon a time, you already set yourself a goal - to start earning more than 50 thousand rubles and have a more varied job. Now is the time to move on, set the next goal - for example, earn more than 75 thousand and grow to the position of the head of the department. He who does not move forward moves backward.

Step 3

Setting a goal "in mind" is not enough; it is best to write it down on paper, hang it at home in a conspicuous place. Let it look silly, and for sure your family will joke at you more than once about this, but still you need to see the goal, there is no point in writing it down and immediately forgetting it. Let her put pressure on you all the time. Tell your family and friends about your goal, after that you will also be motivated by the need not to deceive the expectations of those who believed in you and wished you good luck in achieving your goals.

Step 4

Look at your colleagues - some of them go to work just to have something to do in the morning, while others make a career, develop and achieve new goals. It is worth taking an example from the latter. Surely they are more positive and energetic and can infect you with this if you communicate with them more.

Step 5

But what exactly will happen when you start earning more and become the head of the department? Surely, such changes will mean an increase in the standard of living, the opportunity to fulfill some of your long-standing desires (to go on vacation to an expensive resort or start training under the MBA program). Imagine the fulfillment of these desires of yours more often, think about yourself - new. All these seemingly little things, if you think about them every day, will help you take on any, even the most boring job with pleasure, because if you work harder, your results will become better, which means that the achievement of goals is not far off. For some of us, these simple motivations will add more determination to talk to management about expanding responsibilities.

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