How To Organize A Corporate Party

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How To Organize A Corporate Party
How To Organize A Corporate Party
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Corporate parties have long been popular all over the world. With the right organization, such events are always remembered and discussed for a long time by all office workers. Otherwise, instead of a single team of like-minded people, you can get a scattered group of people gossiping about each other in the corners or just bored alone. How to organize a corporate holiday in order to strengthen the corporate spirit and unite employees even more?

How to organize a corporate party
How to organize a corporate party


Step 1

First of all, decide on the budget and location of the event. What it will be - a good restaurant, an ordinary cafe or a kebab house on the bank of a nearby river - you decide, however, take into account the wishes of all members of the team. Someone likes to just sit and chat, someone wants to dance or play games. Ask your colleagues in advance where they would like to spend the evening, so that later you do not disappoint them.

Step 2

Assign responsibility for various aspects of the corporate party. Let one send out invitations, another think over the games, the third will choose a cafe. If you entrust the holding of the corporate party to a special agency or toastmaster, let them be responsible for meeting with them and discussing various moments of the holiday. This will allow you not to miss the little things in the preparation and avoid unpleasant situations in the future, for example, with confusion of names or positions.

Step 3

Decide on the theme of the evening. If you celebrate a professional or all-Russian holiday, such as March 8 or New Year, then toasts and games should be close to this topic. If you decide to spend a pleasant evening with your department or a small circle of people, you can simply discuss in advance what you will do at such a corporate event, and, based on this, think over the program. Although in this case the games will also not be superfluous. Or maybe you will arrange an evening of magic tricks and invite an illusionist, because adults still believe in miracles.

Step 4

Think in advance how this or that employee can behave in non-standard situations at parties: someone, for example, never participates in competitions, and, in order not to create an awkward situation, he can be asked to photograph how others perform. There are people who get drunk quickly, so decide in advance what, in addition to alcohol, you will employ such an employee and how to send him home. If you see that a conflict is brewing, try to settle the dispute and separate the warring parties. In no case do not support any of the parties, otherwise you will definitely make yourself enemies from the enemy.

Step 5

Organizing a corporate party on your own, prepare fun games and contests for team building, for quick wits, or just jokes. Try not to cross the line between a joke and vulgarity, avoid pairing contests "boy-girl", when they have to sit on each other's knees or thread a rope through the sleeve or leg. For a professional holiday, diplomas in various nominations or a lottery will be appropriate, at the New Year's holiday everyone will be pleased with sweets from Santa Claus for the best toast, and on March 8 you can arrange a comic program "Come on, girls!" And then time will fly by, and the corporate party will really bring your colleagues closer together.

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