How To Have A Fun Corporate Party

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How To Have A Fun Corporate Party
How To Have A Fun Corporate Party
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For a corporate party, of course, you can hire a special team of professionals who specialize in preparing the holidays. But it is quite possible to get by on your own. You just need to remember that corporate is not just a way to have fun. It helps to unite and get to know people working in the same company better.

How to have a fun corporate party
How to have a fun corporate party


Step 1

Think over the place and time of the holiday. If there are many participants in the event, then it is best to rent a suitable room. Make a menu of snacks and drinks.

Step 2

If the team is mostly youth, then you can arrange an active holiday. As a venue suitable: bowling, skating rink, rollerdrome, carting. In this case, you don't even have to think over the program, it is assumed by the chosen place itself.

Step 3

For a solid team, it is better to choose the classic dining option and think over entertainment events.

Step 4

Make a plan for the accommodation of the guests of the holiday. Make name and surname plaques and place them in the appropriate places. At the same time, try to put people from different departments together so that they have the opportunity to communicate and get to know each other better in an informal setting.

Step 5

Take care of your choice of music. If you are inviting musicians or a DJ, discuss the desired musical accompaniment with them. It is clear that it will not be possible to take into account the musical tastes of each person, therefore, when choosing, be guided by the age category of the employees and popular modern songs.

Step 6

Write a script. It should include various contests, prizes and incentive gifts. The atmosphere of the holiday largely depends on the quality and interestingness of the competitions being held.

Step 7

Run a competition called “Looking to the Future”. To do this, divide all members of the corporate party into three teams. Their task will be for a certain time to depict your company in a drawing in ten, fifty and one hundred years. Let the leadership act as judges.

Step 8

Play the lottery. To do this, prepare in advance small pieces of paper with numbers and a container where they will fit. Let each employee pull out such a piece of paper. At the end of the celebration, determine the winning numbers. Gifts can be meaningful, or they can be comic and accompanied by funny jokes.

Step 9

Give the floor to the director. Have him run a small quiz on knowing his own company. Questions can be very different: from the year of foundation, to the number of departments and employees.

Step 10

Organize a beauty pageant for women. But at the same time, try not to offend anyone and come up with a title for each. For example, if older ladies work for you, then they can be given the title "Miss Wisdom", "Miss Irreplaceable Experience" and so on. Of course, men should title women.

Step 11

Invite several participants and give them the names of employees. Then they will have to paint their portraits. The winner is the one whose work is solved faster. If you have a team of artists, then complicate the task - let them draw with a blindfold.

Step 12

Make time for dancing. Do not turn your corporate party into just a competition program. Guests should have the opportunity to calmly communicate with each other and dance.

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