How To Open A Visa To Russia

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How To Open A Visa To Russia
How To Open A Visa To Russia

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The number of people wishing to come to Russia is increasing. These are those who are looking for work, and tourists, and foreign students, and other categories of the population. Most of them need visas to stay in another country. How should you proceed to open a visa to Russia?

How to open a visa to Russia
How to open a visa to Russia

It is necessary

  • - passport of your country;
  • - money to pay the consular fee;
  • - the photo;
  • - documents confirming the purpose of stay in Russia.


Step 1

Decide what you need a visa for and for how long. Your further actions and a set of papers that will need to be submitted to the consulate depend on this.

Step 2

Collect the required package of documents. For example, for a tourist visa, in addition to your passport, you will need medical insurance for the duration of your stay in the country, and from the company that provides its services in Russia. You will also need a document indicating the address at which you will live in Russia, for example, confirmation of a hotel reservation.

Step 3

For a study visa, you will need an invitation from a university, and for a work visa, you will need a special paper from the Federal Migration Service about an entry permit, which the employer receives and sends to the future employee. If you have already signed a work contract, you can present it as well - this will have a positive effect on your dossier.

Step 4

Find the address of the Russian consulate located in your country. This can be done using the "yellow pages" with the addresses of organizations or via the Internet. If you are not in the country in which you have citizenship, you can also get a visa to Russia, but you will need a residence permit in the state in which you are applying to the consulate.

Step 5

Come to the consulate in person. Fill out the visa application form and pay the consular fee. Give the employee all the documents necessary to complete the application.

Step 6

Wait for your visa to be issued. Travel documents are prepared within four working days, long-term visas take longer. If your application is approved, come to the consulate again and receive your passport with a pasted-in travel document allowing you to stay in Russia.

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