What Competitions To Come Up With For A Corporate Party Outdoors

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What Competitions To Come Up With For A Corporate Party Outdoors
What Competitions To Come Up With For A Corporate Party Outdoors

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To make corporate outdoor recreation fun and memorable, it can be diversified with various contests and games. Competitions can be sports or intellectual.

Active rest and games at corporate parties
Active rest and games at corporate parties

A corporate trip to nature is an excellent occasion for team games and competitions. Activities like these allow colleagues to take a break from routine work, have fun and build friendships with each other.

Walking, jumping, or running with fins

This fun competition will require fins. It is better if there are more than two sets of them, so that several teams can participate in the competition at the same time. Competition rules: participants must walk in fins from the starting point to the finish line. The winner is the team that comes to the finish line faster, and its members have never fallen down while moving. The task can be complicated by the fact that the participants are only allowed to jump, but they cannot walk or run.

Covering the distance on three legs

This competition requires several ropes or long laces to be prepared. Participants are divided into pairs and stand side by side. In each pair, the right leg of one participant is tied to the left leg of the other participant. And a couple with their legs tied must cover a certain distance as quickly as possible. The fastest win. For those who like difficulty, they can make this competition even more fun by wearing fins on their unbound legs.


This competition implies that the participants will have to look for some thing hidden in the forest. To make the search more exciting, it is better to hide the "treasure" so that it is not easy to find it. And it is advisable for the participants to make hints in the form of notes or some kind of signs. Twig arrows or scattered buds can also be clues. Moreover, from the cones, you can lay out letters or whole words. And as a "treasure" can be used a box of champagne or a delicious cake in a beautiful box.

Can not hear anything

If the head of the company has an excellent sense of humor and is on friendly terms with his subordinates, then this competition will perfectly cheer up the whole team. You will need a player and headphones for the competition.

The boss needs to be seated more comfortably and put on headphones with loud music. Opposite the boss, a subordinate is located and starts asking him questions of the following content: "Will you give me a day off tomorrow?", "When will I get a pay rise?", "Why do you send me on business trips so often?" etc. The boss's job is to lip-read and answer questions.

Then the players can switch roles. And the boss will ask questions to the subordinates who are wearing headphones. Questions may be: "Why are you late for work?", "Do you want to work overtime tomorrow?", "Maybe you should lower your salary?" etc.

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