How To Write A Letter Of Encouragement

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How To Write A Letter Of Encouragement
How To Write A Letter Of Encouragement

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Encouragement of employees who faithfully perform their official duties is provided for by article 191 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. As a rule, the most common types of encouragement are a certificate, a valuable gift, an award, or a title. In order to document the feasibility of the promotion, the person in charge must first write a letter addressed to the head of the company where the encouraged employee works.

How to write a letter of encouragement
How to write a letter of encouragement


Step 1

Determine what kind of reward letter you need to write. This can be a memo, presentation, or characterization. In the memo, include your suggestions for employee incentives. In the presentation, give a description of the professional qualities of the person to be awarded and his level of qualifications. In the description, state the work history of the person presented for the promotion.

Step 2

Prepare a letter of encouragement according to the accepted standard. On sheet A4, in the header, write the full name of the enterprise where the employee works, and the full name and position of the head in the dative case: "To General Director A. A. Ivanov." Put in the letter number and date. Below, indicate the type of letter, for example: presentation for promotion, memorandum for promotion, testimonial for promotion.

Step 3

Completely describe the position of the employee presented for the promotion, indicate his last name, first name, patronymic. In the body of the letter, state all the required information: from what time an employee has been working at the company, how he has proven himself in the workplace, whether he was previously nominated for awards, whether he has a specialized education, as well as certificates of completion of refresher courses. Write step by step about the career advancement of the employee, indicating each position held at the enterprise and the year when the employee was promoted or transferred to another department.

Step 4

When characterizing personal qualities, use the main criteria: resistance to stress, initiative, diligence, ability to work in a team. If you find it appropriate, please describe in more detail any of the employee's labor merits, for example, overfulfillment of the plan or victory in a professional skill competition.

Step 5

At the end of the letter, indicate the motive for the incentive: "For conscientious long-term work and in connection with the employee's anniversary", or "For high professional results at the end of the year", "For reducing enterprise costs", as well as the intended type of bonus: cash reward, a valuable gift, vacation package and so on.

Step 6

Put your signature in front of the name and position and endorse the letter with the HR department or with the chief accountant. Then pass the letter to the head of the enterprise. After his own handwritten assurance "approve" the promotion letter becomes the basis for the promotion order.

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