How To Write A Thank You Letter To An Employee

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How To Write A Thank You Letter To An Employee
How To Write A Thank You Letter To An Employee
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A letter of thanks to an employee is one of the forms of non-material incentives for team members. There are no strict requirements for its text. However, there are several traditionally established rules for preparation and execution.

How to write a thank you letter to an employee
How to write a thank you letter to an employee


Step 1

Choose an appropriate time to hand the employee a thank you letter. A worthy reason for a public expression of gratitude can be the successful completion of a special assignment, high performance at the end of a certain period, an anniversary or a professional holiday.

Step 2

If you are going to write a letter of gratitude to an employee for preparing an important event or for concluding a lucrative partnership agreement, talk to his immediate supervisor. The head of the structural unit will talk about the contribution of the encouraged employee to the implementation of a specific project, and also describe it from a professional point of view.

Step 3

Write the thank you letter on the organization's letterhead. In the upper right corner, place a stamp, in the upper left - the name of the structural unit, position, surname and initials of the employee. Make your appeal in this way: "Dear Ivan Ivanovich!" or "Dear Maria Sergeevna!" Do not use other options such as "dear", "mister", etc.

Step 4

State the reason for this letter of thanks. You can contact an employee both on behalf of the manager who signs the document, and on behalf of the company as a whole. In the first case, the beginning of the letter will sound like this: "I congratulate you on overfulfilling the sales plan in April by 100%," in the second, like this: "Zenit LLC expresses its gratitude to you for overfulfilling the sales plan in April by 100%."

Step 5

List in the text of the letter the personal merits of the employee in completing a specific task. Note that you value his hard work and dedication to the company and look forward to continued professional success. An employee will be pleased to read, for example, the following phrase: “You were creative in the implementation of the project and made great efforts to complete it by the target date. You have skillfully coordinated the work of the group and achieved impressive results. I highly appreciate your creativity and erudition."

Step 6

If the letter of thanks is drawn up on the occasion of an employee's anniversary or in connection with a professional holiday, try to find out more about his work activity. Specify the number of years worked by the employee in this organization, the positions that he held. Find specific facts confirming the employee's business qualities and professional achievements. Ask your colleagues what they think about this person.

Step 7

Write the text of the letter based on the summarized information. In the first sentence after the request, indicate the reason for the gratitude. For example: "In connection with the celebration of the Day of the Architect, Zenit LLC thanks you for many years of creative work and a huge personal contribution to the prosperity of the company." Further, note the professionalism of the employee, his energy, caring attitude to official duties, dedication, responsibility and other positive qualities. Do not forget to mention the person's ability to support colleagues, to create a friendly atmosphere around.

Step 8

Print your anniversary thank you letter in typography or on a special greeting letterhead. This will give it significance and solemnity. It is not necessary to indicate the details of the organization. Place the position, surname and initials of the employee on the left. It is accepted to apply in anniversary letters of gratitude on behalf of the company. The manager must sign the letter.

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