How To Thank You For Your Work

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How To Thank You For Your Work
How To Thank You For Your Work

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Teamwork is a daily complex process that includes ups and downs of someone. Sometimes the bosses do not mind celebrating the success of the employee, but they do not always know how to do it correctly.

How to thank you for your work
How to thank you for your work


Step 1

Contact the employee verbally. Gratitude from the mouth of the boss is a great incentive for further work. Do not get carried away, be restrained, celebrate recent successes and express hope for further achievements. Be sure to shake your hand and smile.

Step 2

Write a thank you letter. In addition to oral communication, you can also make a written one. Some organizations have sample employee gratitude forms. In their absence, on the letterhead of the organization, write a letter from the head of the department, or better the company, highlighting all the employee's achievements.

Step 3

Present a Certificate of Merit to the Company. The diploma is one of the honorary distinctions of the best employees of the company. Receiving it means appreciation of the company, as well as the fact that it values ​​this employee and monitors his success.

Step 4

Present the diploma publicly. Dilute the gray office life by presenting a diploma to an employee in front of colleagues. Make sure to give a short speech, after which provoke applause. Public praise is as valuable as a material reward.

Step 5

Highlight the prize. If the achievements of the employees really played an important role in the work of the company, allocate some amount from the budget to reward it. This kind of gratitude is good in the case of teamwork on a project that has been successful. Allocating one employee with a material reward is not the best option.

Step 6

Establish the title of "best employee" or "best department". Convert your standard office bulletin board for one week into an honor board. Gratitude in the form of posting photos of the best employees in full view of the entire office will be appreciated by the distinguished employees. This approach will encourage other workers to do better jobs.

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