How To Write A Thank You To An Employee

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How To Write A Thank You To An Employee
How To Write A Thank You To An Employee

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Each employee evaluates his / her performance based on personal beliefs and criteria. He can get an idea of ​​the attitude of the company's management to his work through certain signs of attention. Written gratitude is one of the best ways to demonstrate your loyalty to a subordinate and say pleasant words, for which there is always not enough time in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How to write a thank you to an employee
How to write a thank you to an employee

It is necessary

  • - employee's personal file;
  • - a beautiful form.


Step 1

Determine the purpose for which you are writing the thank you. If this appeal is associated with any holiday, gratitude will be accompanied by wishes and plans for future years. If you are seeing a person off to retirement, you should use more sincere and warm phrases, since the employee will probably re-read this text many times.

Step 2

Find the employee's personal file so that you have a clear idea of ​​the person to whom you are addressing the document. You shouldn't be wrong about the dates and the exact facts of his career. Select the highlights from the employee's work history and reflect them in your message.

Step 3

Try to express your gratitude in 800-1000 characters. This will be enough to highlight the main points on which your text is based. In a few phrases, list the main achievements of the subordinate in his workplace. If he excelled in individual projects, be sure to mention them as well. Try to summarize and emphasize how much the work of this person has influenced the results of the company as a whole.

Step 4

Avoid cliché and formal phrases such as “contributing to the development of the company” or “conscientious work”. Such impersonal formulations are unlikely to create a favorable impression. Try to speak on your own behalf, or on behalf of the entire team. Use available speech patterns, try to personalize your message. Mention that the employee has become a reliable and respected person for you personally.

Step 5

Choose a beautiful letterhead on which you will place your text. The letterhead, made on good paper, is also not excluded. Print out the thank you note and personalize it by hand.

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