How To Write A Grade Paper

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How To Write A Grade Paper
How To Write A Grade Paper

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Each certification work should have a clear structure, but there are no uniform requirements for the content of the work. As a rule, the attestation work is a specially prepared manuscript and less often has the form of a published monograph.

How to write a grade paper
How to write a grade paper

It is necessary

  • - literary source;
  • - a large number of A4 sheets;
  • - actual topic.


Step 1

Choose a hot topic. This is where the work begins.

Step 2

Start writing your introduction. This is the most responsible part of the certification work, because it should briefly display the main provisions, the substantiation of which the work is devoted to. To show that scientists were interested in the chosen topic, list their names.

Step 3

After writing the introduction, which should not exceed more than one sheet of work, feel free to start writing the main part. The main part should not exceed 70% of the entire text. Here you should describe in detail the progress of the study, justify and formulate intermediate results. Make sure that there is consistency of thought and proof of fact in the text.

Step 4

In the final part, write the conclusions that were drawn from the results of the work. Despite the small volume, this part is very important, since it is in it that the final results should be displayed in a logical, flawless and perfect form.

Step 5

Be sure to indicate at the end of the work a bibliographic list, namely: a list of literary sources that were used by the author in the course of work.

Step 6

If the certification work contains auxiliary material in the form of tables, graphs and maps, then arrange it as an attachment. Now that the work is written, go back to the design of the title page and content.

Step 7

Protect her as soon as the qualification work is completed. If the defense is successful, then the dissertation council will award you an academic degree.

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