How To Get A Nurse Category

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How To Get A Nurse Category
How To Get A Nurse Category

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The work of a nurse is very difficult. Regardless of her place of work. Above all, a nurse's primary vocation is to be merciful. But mercy is an ethical category. As for the professional level, it must be raised within a certain time in order to get a category and, as a result, an increase in wages.

How to get a nurse category
How to get a nurse category


Step 1

To master the profession of a nurse, you must complete a basic secondary specialized education at a medical school. A diploma will allow you to get a job, but your studies will not end there. Every five years, nurses come to refresher courses, which are the “first step” towards obtaining a category. If you decide that you need a category, carefully read the instructions.

Step 2

You should know that in order to obtain the II category, the work experience in the specialty must be at least three years, I - at least five, the highest - eight. However, in some cases, if there are appropriate recommendations from the administration of the institution and taking into account the high professional level, the certification commission can decide on certification of an employee without presenting requirements for work experience. You can take advantage of this provision to qualify for the category early.

Step 3

After completing advanced training courses, you must submit the following documents to the certification commission: an application addressed to the chairman of the commission, a certification sheet, a report on the work for the last year, approved by the head of the medical institution. Within three months, the materials will be reviewed, and you will have access to the next stage.

Step 4

You need to prepare for a qualifying exam, either in the form of an interview or a test system. After successfully passing the exam, the certification commission will make a decision on assigning you a certain category, which will be announced within a month by order of the head of the medical and sanitary service.

Step 5

Having received a certificate of the established sample and making sure that the entry in the work book about the assignment of a category to you is made, you can think about further increasing the category, but not earlier than after a year of fruitful work for the benefit of your patients.

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