How To Become A Sales Assistant

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How To Become A Sales Assistant
How To Become A Sales Assistant

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A sales assistant is a specialist whose duties include not only selling goods, but also advising buyers on all issues related to the assortment of the store. He is the face and business card of the company's retail network. The volume of trade and the size of the organization's commercial profit depends on the sales assistant.

How to become a sales assistant
How to become a sales assistant

It is necessary

Resume of a sales assistant, educational diploma, personal health record or certificate


Step 1

Create a resume for a sales assistant. The summary should include the following information:

- personal and contact information (last name, first name, patronymic, date of birth, marital status, residence address, phone number, email);

- purpose (obtaining the position of a sales assistant);

- education (secondary or higher, educational institution and year of graduation);

- work experience (company names and functional responsibilities);

- professional skills (keeping records of cash transactions and sales of goods, active participation in inventories);

- achievements (fulfillment and overfulfillment of the sales plan, certificates);

- personal qualities - for a sales assistant, stress resistance, communication skills, competent speech, punctuality, responsibility, focus on results are especially important.

You need to be creative in writing a resume, since it, in fact, is a commercial proposal of a job seeker for the position of a sales assistant to a potential employer.

Step 2

Apply for a personal medical record or certificate. The labor activity of a sales assistant involves constant contact with clients, who must be sure of his health. A personal health certificate or certificate serves as a pass for work in the retail sector.

Step 3

Interview a potential employer. Competent speech, a smile and a neat appearance are the keys to success in the interview. It depends on the communication of the seller-consultant with the buyers whether they will purchase the goods or not. Therefore, when meeting in person, the employer will give preference to a benevolent and pleasant-looking candidate over a dissatisfied and unkempt candidate. It is not necessary to have experience in this position to become a sales consultant. It all depends on the requirements and wishes of a particular employer, which he presents to his vacancy.

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