How To Become A Real Estate Appraiser

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How To Become A Real Estate Appraiser
How To Become A Real Estate Appraiser

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The profession of a real estate appraiser is in great demand today. A qualified professional can have a decent income. To succeed in this profession, it is important not only to have a higher education, but also to acquire practical skills.

property valuation
property valuation

It is necessary

Higher education diploma, retraining courses, SRO membership certificate, insurance


Step 1

A real estate appraiser is a person who determines the value of real estate objects. The services of such a specialist are required for the registration of property rights, the purchase or sale of real estate, the allocation of business shares. The appraiser is also consulted when determining the damage.

Step 2

A specialist can work both in the company and independently. The responsibilities include collecting information. It will come in handy when conducting real estate appraisals. The specialist independently advises the client, interacts with him on all issues. Real estate appraisal is the main task. After completing it, the specialist prepares a report.

Step 3

Anyone who has received a higher specialized education can work as an appraiser. Persons who graduated from a university in another specialty can take a retraining course. Employers welcome employees with extensive experience. Good knowledge of PC is important.

Step 4

The appraiser must join the SRO, get a certificate in his hands. He needs to insure his responsibility. Preference is given to those specialists who have experience in drawing up reports, have the skills to negotiate with banks and experience in coordinating working moments with auditors.

Step 5

The employer can put forward additional requirements. The most common of them include: the presence of category B rights, consent to travel on business. The appraiser agrees to regularly undergo specialized trainings and take part in seminars.

Step 6

Few universities train appraisers. It is good to get an economic or legal education, and then complete retraining courses. Having worked for a year or two as an appraiser assistant, the specialist can move on to independent work.

Step 7

Education doesn't end there. The appraiser must constantly improve his qualifications. This will allow him to be in demand in this area.

Step 8

The independent work of a specialist is subject to risks. Inaccuracy in property valuation is one of the most common mistakes. For an incorrect assessment, the specialist bears financial responsibility. Mistakes negatively affect the evaluator's reputation.

Step 9

The salary depends on the region of residence of the specialist, on his work experience and demand in the market. An appraiser in large international companies receives a very good salary, but the requirements for applicants are quite strict.

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