How To Arrange A Donation Of Real Estate

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How To Arrange A Donation Of Real Estate
How To Arrange A Donation Of Real Estate

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One of the most common ways to transfer real estate to another person is a deed of gift (gift). This is an agreement according to which one party (the donor) transfers the property belonging to it to the other party (the donee). Property for transfer can be both movable (car, yacht, gold, etc.) and immovable (apartment, house, land, etc.)

How to arrange a donation of real estate
How to arrange a donation of real estate

It is necessary

  • - certificate of state registration of the right to real estate;
  • - real estate donation agreement;
  • - documents proving the identity of the donor and the gifted;
  • - certificate of the composition of persons registered in the premises;
  • - consent of the donor's spouse (s);
  • - receipt of payment of the state duty;
  • - cadastral passport for the premises;
  • - a certificate from the BTI on the assessment of the premises.


Step 1

You can conclude a donation agreement in a simple written form or in a notarial form. If you want to conclude a transaction between relatives - draw up an agreement in a simple written form, it is cheaper than a notarized donation agreement. The notarized form of the contract is used when additional verification of the donor's documents is required in order to avoid fraud.

Step 2

In order for the gifted person to obtain the right of ownership to the donated object, state registration of the gift is required. For registration you need to collect the entire package of documents and submit it to the Federal State Registration Service.

Step 3

To register a donation agreement with the Federal State Registration Service, you must provide, in addition to the main documents, an application of the donor for registration of the transfer of ownership and a statement of the gifted for registration of ownership.

Step 4

If you draw up a donation agreement through a notary, you will need to pay a fee of 2-3% of the value of the property. If the donation agreement is made in a simple written form, then you pay only the state registration fee.

Step 5

Registration of a donation agreement takes place in 2 stages. First, the donation agreement itself is registered, then the donor's ownership of the donated property is registered. After that, the registration authorities issue the relevant documents - on a copy of the donation agreement to each party, and to the donated person - a document confirming the ownership of the donated property.

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