In Which Countries Can You Obtain Citizenship For The Purchase Of Real Estate

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In Which Countries Can You Obtain Citizenship For The Purchase Of Real Estate
In Which Countries Can You Obtain Citizenship For The Purchase Of Real Estate

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Among the methods of obtaining foreign citizenship, the purchase of real estate deserves special attention. The method is costly from a financial point of view, however, it allows a foreigner to legally reside in a foreign country immediately after purchasing real estate, having received the status of a residence permit. And after a few years, depending on the requirements of the legislation of a given country, you can apply for citizenship.

Property in Spain
Property in Spain

In some countries, the purchase of expensive real estate allows you to obtain the right to the so-called economic citizenship. That is, you make financial investments in favor of the country's economy, and after that you have a legal basis for obtaining citizenship or a residence permit with the possibility of visa-free entry into the country. With regard to the value of the acquired property, each country has its own requirements for the minimum threshold.

European countries

In Latvia there is a fairly low threshold for the value of real estate, after the purchase of which the owner can apply for a residence permit. The cost of one or more real estate objects should be between 72,000 and 140,000 euros, depending on the region (data from 2013). A residence permit is issued for five years. After five years of permanent residence in the country, as well as successfully passing the exams for knowledge of the Latvian language and history of Latvia, citizenship can be obtained.

After ten years of legal residence in Spain, any foreign citizen can apply for Spanish citizenship. This rule also applies to property owners. Moreover, the value of the property at the time of purchase must be at least 160,000 euros.

Portugal has passed a law according to which foreigners have the right to obtain citizenship on the basis of the purchase of real estate worth 500,000 euros or more. After the purchase, a residence permit is first issued for six years. And only after this period you can apply for citizenship

In Malta, obtaining a residence permit, and then citizenship, is possible not only when buying, but also when renting real estate for five years. The value of the purchased property must be at least 350,000 euros, and the cost of rented housing - from 16,000 euros per year. However, citizenship can only be claimed after living in Malta for at least 18 years, while having permanent residence status.

Foreigners purchasing residential real estate in Bulgaria worth 300,000 euros or more can apply for citizenship. But first, a foreigner must have lived in a country with a residence permit for at least five years. Also, a foreigner needs to learn Bulgarian.

Dominican Republic

A foreigner can become a citizen of the Dominican Republic a year after purchasing real estate worth at least $ 200,000. For this amount in the Dominican Republic, you can, for example, buy an apartment.


Despite the tough visa regime, the US authorities provide for the possibility of obtaining citizenship for foreigners who have invested in commercial real estate. However, the path to obtaining a US passport is not an easy one. To obtain citizenship, you must legally reside in the United States for more than five years (for example, on a business visa), speak English, and know the history of the United States.

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