How To Register An Occupational Disease

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How To Register An Occupational Disease
How To Register An Occupational Disease

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The preparation and approval of a list of occupational diseases is the responsibility of the Russian government. In practice, all the lists are not properly systematized, as a result of which it is sometimes difficult to prove and register an occupational disease. You need to be patient and strong.

How to register an occupational disease
How to register an occupational disease


Step 1

Prepare the required documents properly. You should have in your hands a certificate with a doctor's mark that the disease is professional. You will also need a discharge summary if you were treated in a hospital.

Step 2

Submit the documents to the polyclinic at the place of residence and inform about your intention to register an occupational disease. At the doctor's appointment, it is necessary to describe in detail all the symptoms and their connection with professional activity. Make sure that what is said is recorded in the medical record. After that, you will be given a referral either to a dispensary or to specialized doctors.

Step 3

Go for an examination. The medical board must make a complete diagnosis of your health condition. During the examination, describe the symptoms and their relationship with work activity in great detail to the doctors. If the commission establishes that the disease is indeed professional, then it is obliged to note this in the medical record. You will then be given two signed statements. Leave one with yourself, hand the second to the employer.

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