How To Start A House Book

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How To Start A House Book
How To Start A House Book

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The house book is drawn up for each household. It contains information about housing, all owners and registered on the living space. An extract from the document is required when performing any legally significant actions with home ownership, such as buying and selling, exchange, donation, will, entering into inheritance rights. The house book is drawn up at the Office of the Federal Migration Service on the basis of the submitted documents.

How to start a house book
How to start a house book

It is necessary

  • - documents of title to housing;
  • - application;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - cadastral extracts.


Step 1

Buy a house book from any stationery store or print shop. You can also purchase a house book directly from the FMS.

Step 2

Submit along with the house book documents of title to housing: a certificate of ownership, if your rights have already been registered, a purchase and sale agreement, a certificate of inheritance, a donation, exchange agreement, etc., if your ownership rights have not yet been registered and you are just going to do it.

Step 3

Get an extract from the unified register of the state registration center if you receive a house book after registration of ownership rights or after the commissioning of a newly built housing. Most often, the house book is drawn up after these steps.

Step 4

Get an extract from the BTI from the cadastral passport, get a copy of the cadastral housing plan. If the validity of the cadastral documents has expired, and it is valid for five years, then you will have to call a technical officer to inspect the living space, on the basis of which the cadastral documents will be updated for you, and you will be able to receive the necessary extracts.

Step 5

Write an application to the FMS to fill out the house book. Submit all received documents. Immediately fill out an application for registration, present your passport, birth certificate of children. When registering, the owner of the property must be present or have a notarial permit from all owners.

Step 6

Having received the house book once, you will transfer it when you change the owner of the property. The document will include all information about the change of owners, about all ever registered and removed from the registration register. Through all the records, you will be able to trace the history of the tenants, who, when was registered and deregistered, and how often the owners of the dwellings changed.

Step 7

The house book is kept by each owner of a private house and is presented each time to the FMS during registration and deregistration. The house book of apartment buildings is kept in the housing department, if necessary, an extract is issued from it.

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