How To Take An Extract From The House Book

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How To Take An Extract From The House Book
How To Take An Extract From The House Book

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There are many situations when a person may need an extract from the house book. This is the registration of various benefits, and the privatization of housing, and a number of other cases. But at the same time, you need to know where and how you need to apply to obtain the required document.

How to take an extract from the house book
How to take an extract from the house book

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - money to pay the duty.


Step 1

Do not issue a statement in advance. It has a peculiarity - for most organizations, it is valid for only fourteen days. Therefore, it is better to arrange it right before serving where it is required.

Step 2

An extract from the house book must be obtained where it is stored. Contact your management company. You can find out its name and payment documents that come to you every month, or also from the announcements that the management company can periodically hang out at your entrance. If you do not know her address, find it in the directory of organizations in your city or on her website. If there was no special meeting in your house to change the management of the house, it means that the issuance of such certificates is still carried out by your old housing department, which was transformed into a management company during the housing reform.

Also check the hours of operation of the issuing officer.

Step 3

Come to the management company with your passport. Write an application for the issuance of an extract from the house register. This can be done according to the sample that the employee will give you. Then pay the cost of issuing the certificate.

The received document must contain information about people registered in the same apartment with you: their surnames, names and patronymics, dates of birth and registration at the place of residence. Also, the certificate requires the date of issue, the seal of the organization and the signature of the employee who issued it.

Step 4

If your home is managed by a homeowners' association (HOA), then the house book is kept by its head. Therefore, for help, you must contact either the HOA office or personally to the management. The extract from the house register must contain the same information as that issued by the management company, and it must be certified by the seal of the homeowners' association and the signature of its chairman.

Step 5

Transfer the received extract to the organization for which you prepared this document.

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