How To Contact Bailiffs

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How To Contact Bailiffs
How To Contact Bailiffs

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After receiving the court order, you should apply to the Office of the Federal Bailiffs Service for its execution. When contacting this service for the first time, it is difficult to imagine what you need to take with you and how the entire procedure for executing the court order will go.

How to contact bailiffs
How to contact bailiffs

It is necessary

  • Court order;
  • identity documents;
  • copies of documents accompanying the execution of the court order;


Step 1

Before you go to the bailiffs, find out where the necessary unit is geographically located, if possible, specify how to call there. Check the opening hours and reception times for the issue you are looking for. In most cases, bailiffs do not consult by telephone, so you should go to the department yourself.

Step 2

Before visiting the bailiff, check what documents you need to provide. Prepare a package of documents, make the necessary photocopies.

Step 3

It is best to contact bailiffs in writing. All requests should be written in two copies, each must have a registration of the incoming document and a number.

Step 4

If it is not possible to independently contact the bailiffs of the desired department, send the appeal in a letter by mail. Be sure to send a certified letter with a delivery receipt, so you will be sure that the addressee will receive the appeal.

Step 5

After the initiation of enforcement proceedings, the case will be transferred to an official with whom you will communicate during the course of activities aimed at executing the court order. Record the details and coordinates of the bailiff to facilitate further communication.

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