How To Contact A Magistrate

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How To Contact A Magistrate
How To Contact A Magistrate

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Justices of the peace are judges of general jurisdiction who act in the territory of the Russian Federation as courts of first instance. By law, justices of the peace are vested with the rights to consider civil, criminal and other disputes. At the same time, the maximum term of punishment when making decisions by a magistrate should not exceed 3 years, otherwise the case cannot be considered in the court of first instance and is sent for consideration to other bodies.

How to contact a magistrate
How to contact a magistrate


Step 1

There can be many reasons for seeking help from a magistrate. Among these are the purchase of low-quality goods, and failure to fulfill obligations under the contract, and causing property damage to you or your company, as well as many others.

Step 2

Regardless of what your reasons were for turning to a magistrate, a district or arbitration court, there is a certain procedure for contacting a magistrate for help in restoring your rights.

Step 3

To begin with, I would like to note that you can turn to a magistrate only by filing a statement of claim in the case, and during the process only starting with the phrase "Dear Court" or "Your Honor". These are accepted and well-established in the society appeals to the justices of the peace.

Step 4

Make a statement of claim in accordance with the law. We consider it necessary to note that a statement of claim directed for consideration in the court of first instance can be drawn up in relation to a civil, housing, labor, family, land and even criminal case in which one of the parties is a citizen (individual) and regarding such a dispute, which is in no way connected with business activities.

Step 5

Prepare the necessary documents and their copies (passport, evidence on the case, etc.) Pay the state duty, the amount of which is established by the current legislation (Tax Code) and depends on the amount of the claim.

Step 6

Attach a receipt for payment of the state fee to your documents and statement of claim. Contact the office of the magistrate at the place of residence of the defendant in person, or send all the above documents by registered mail with notification.

Step 7

Wait for an answer. This completes the procedure for applying to the magistrate, and your case will move on to the next stage - the stage of consideration.

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