How To Spend Time In Prison

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How To Spend Time In Prison
How To Spend Time In Prison
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We all have a saying in our heads since childhood: “Do not renounce yourself from money and from prison”. Yes, this is very vital for Russia. Unfortunately, we know many cases when innocent people or those who were brought there by blind chance got into this institution. But there is one more saying - "Don't rush to prison, don't be afraid of prison." Here she reflects the fact that if this has happened to you, you should think about how to spend time behind bars with the maximum benefit for yourself, taking out of here invaluable life experience and knowledge.

How to spend time in prison
How to spend time in prison


Step 1

Take a closer look at your companions in misfortune. A prison cell is our society in miniature. Pay attention to how experienced, authoritative prisoners behave, learn from them the ability to convince and talk. As a rule, these are people who know how to behave with dignity in any situation. Pay attention to how they use their knowledge of human psychology, learn from them the ability to make quick and logical decisions. Learn from them to acquire your respected position in any team.

Step 2

If you are a collected and purposeful person, then the prison for you will be a place where you can continue your education. With all that workload and social affairs, there is a lot of free time in prison that can be devoted to self-education, and you might not have had such an opportunity “at large”. Develop your horizons.

Step 3

Acquire legal literacy.As a rule, each prison cell has its own library, in which the lion's share are books of religious content and legal literature. Study all legal aids and codes. Please note that the old-timers of prison dungeons have extensive knowledge of the laws, this helps them on their own, without lawyers, sue the state and sometimes even win. This knowledge will always come in handy outside the prison.

Step 4

There is also a way to learn new things and learn. Keep an eye on what your camera neighbors are doing. Having a lot of free time and a desire to do business sometimes gives amazing results, in prison they make crafts of amazing skill and virtuosity - knife handles, rosary from toothbrush handles, key rings, even furniture made of cardboard and empty cigarette packs. Learn technologies, secrets of craftsmanship, learn prison folk crafts, they will always come in handy in life and will never leave you without a piece of bread.

Step 5

Do sports, do push-ups, exercise on daily walks. Spend this time with benefit for yourself, accumulate knowledge that will help you to continue a full life after release.

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