How To Make A Work Schedule

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How To Make A Work Schedule
How To Make A Work Schedule

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Piles of papers on an office desk, a disgruntled boss and an eternal state of fatigue are a familiar situation. But all this might not have happened, and at five in the evening you would calmly go home. The secret of this success is simple: a properly drawn up work schedule.

How to make a work schedule
How to make a work schedule

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - a pen;
  • - patience


Step 1

The work schedule should be convenient not only for the employer, but also for the staff. Therefore, in order to work effectively and at the same time not overload your body, you must first prioritize. So, take a piece of paper and make a complete to-do list for the next eight hours of your work time.

Step 2

Then mark what you (or your boss) think is most important with a red marker. The second most important category is blue. The third is green. The most important thing is that the cases are evenly distributed among the sections. It should not be such that one of them contains a large number of tasks, while the other is almost empty.

Step 3

But now the most important thing remains - to clearly follow the intended coordinate system. That is, the first thing, when you come to work, do the most important things. And so on downward. If you urgently need to do something, for example, from the second category, then do it. Just rearrange in your system and move what was previously very important to the place of the former "not very important", but now urgent business.

Step 4

Rest, do not overwork. You don't have to work all day. Take breaks for 10 minutes. This will allow you to start a new round of work with a rested head.

Step 5

Don't focus solely on work or personal problems. Remember, everything is solvable. And if you need to go about "your" business, you can always switch shifts with a partner or ask a colleague to replace you. But do not forget to help him out if necessary. Mutual aid has not harmed anyone yet. So, it is quite possible to build your personal work schedule. The main thing is to start doing it.

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