How To Make A Shift Schedule

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How To Make A Shift Schedule
How To Make A Shift Schedule

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A shift schedule, or shift schedule, is necessary for those enterprises in which the daily production process lasts longer than the permissible duration of the daily working day established by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The introduction of shift work can also be caused by the need for more efficient use of machines and equipment, an increase in the volume of products or services provided. The work of such enterprises is carried out on the basis of a shift schedule.

How to make a shift schedule
How to make a shift schedule


Step 1

Shift work is considered a special working regime, therefore, its conditions must be specified in the employment contract. If this regime is introduced for the first time in accordance with production needs, then new working conditions are established by agreement of the parties. An agreement is not required only if the introduction of a shift schedule is associated with a change in the organizational or technological working conditions, confirmed by a separate order. In this case, employees are notified of the introduction of a shift schedule two months in advance and against receipt.

Step 2

When scheduling shifts, set an accounting period that will ensure the balance of working hours for the production cycle that exists in your enterprise: week, month, quarter or year. Think about the optimal duration of one shift. Describe the procedure for transferring a shift and the actions of workers in case the shift is delayed or does not show up for work.

Step 3

The number of shifts set by the schedule can be 2, 3 and 4. Accordingly, their duration is 12, 8 or 6 hours. It is forbidden to set the duration of shifts to 24 hours. In accordance with this, set the duration of the inter-shift rest, it must be at least twice the duration of the shift. According to Article 110 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, please note that weekly uninterrupted rest must be at least 42 hours long.

Step 4

Please note that, except for the cases specified in Article 96 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the duration of night shifts should be 1 hour shorter. In addition, they can be shortened by 1 hour when working on holiday days. In the event that such a reduction is technologically impossible, provide for additional rest time or pay, similar to overtime work, instead.

Step 5

The scheduled break for rest and eating should be from half an hour to two hours in duration. Calculate the standard number of working hours per month in accordance with the Production calendar for the current year. In the event that the actual number exceeds the norm, consider overtime hours as overtime at the end of the working period.

Step 6

Approve the schedule of shift work at the enterprise, taking into account the opinion of the representative body of workers.

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