How To Draw Up A Shift Schedule

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How To Draw Up A Shift Schedule
How To Draw Up A Shift Schedule

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Many employers set a shift work schedule at their enterprise and draw up a shift schedule. Usually it is an appendix to the local regulatory act of the organization on the shift nature of work.

How to draw up a shift schedule
How to draw up a shift schedule

It is necessary

  • - documents of employees;
  • - Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - documents of the enterprise.


Step 1

Draw up a local act that characterizes the shiftable nature of work in your organization, certify it with the seal of the enterprise and the signature of the director of the company.

Step 2

Indicate the name of the document, give it a number and date of preparation. Write the name of the structural unit for which the shift schedule is being drawn up. Enter the name of the month and year for which this document is being prepared.

Step 3

In accordance with article 91 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the number of hours of work of each employee per week should not exceed 40 hours. The changeable nature of work at the enterprise is established in connection with the production need for the continuity of the production process or to increase the volume of products. Divide the employees of the structural unit into teams. Set start and end dates for each team. Depending on the work schedule of the organization, the heads of structural divisions determine the number of shifts. If the company works continuously throughout the day, then there will be four shifts, if within twelve hours - two.

Step 4

In accordance with labor legislation, each employee working in a shift mode must work 528 hours per quarter. If an employee overworked on any day, then the number of overtime hours is compensated for by those shifts when he did not finish, or the specialist is given a day off on another day.

Step 5

Indicate the composition of each of the brigades, having entered their surnames, names, patronymics, positions held by them. Write the names, initials of the foremen.

Step 6

The head of the structural unit has the right to sign the shift schedule, indicating his position, surname, initials.

Step 7

Familiarize each employee with the shift schedule. Write their last names, first names, patronymics, positions held. Each specialist must personally sign and date the document. The shift schedule should be submitted to employees for signing one month before the entry into force of this document.

Step 8

The director of the enterprise approves the shift schedule, affixing a resolution with the date and signature.

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