How To Make A Time Schedule

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How To Make A Time Schedule
How To Make A Time Schedule

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In the process of financial and economic activities of the enterprise, managers are required to keep records of working hours, that is, to record the hours worked by each employee. For this, the legislation has developed a form called the "Timesheet" (form No. T-12 and No. T-13).

How to make a time schedule
How to make a time schedule


Step 1

Fill out the timesheet daily, that is, record all attendances and absenteeism. In the event that the employee did not appear at the workplace, do not write off the "NN", that is, failure to appear for unexplained reasons. Wait for him to appear, perhaps he will provide you with a certificate of incapacity for work.

Step 2

If you keep records using the form No. T-12, then in it record not only the appearance and absence, but also calculate the wages.

Step 3

Start filling out the form with the header. Write the name of your company and structural unit. Indicate the serial number of the document, the date of preparation and the reporting period.

Step 4

Next, proceed to filling out the tabular section. You will see that it consists of 17 columns, in each of which you need to enter information. If it is absent, put a dash.

Step 5

Indicate the record number, full name. employee and his position. In the next column, write the personnel number that was assigned to him when he was hired.

Step 6

You will see columns that will be split by the number of days in a month, each cell will be split in half. This is done so that, in addition to the number of hours worked, you indicate a code, for example, if an employee worked on a weekday, the code "01" is indicated in the column; on a business trip - "06"; when working overtime - "04", etc.

Step 7

At the end of the month, sum up, that is, count the number of hours worked per month, overtime, night, holiday. Also indicate the number of absenteeism, write about the reasons.

Step 8

After completing the first section, sign it with the manager, a personnel worker and put the number.

Step 9

Proceed to filling out section 2. To do this, enter the information for each employee: personnel number, tariff rate, number of hours or days worked, type of payment. Calculate your total salary.

Step 10

In the following table, you should summarize for all employees. Enter the number here; count indicators such as man-days, man-hours, man-downtime. Next, write down the total number of attendances and absenteeism, enter the reasons for the absenteeism and indicate the number of employees in general. Sign the form and give it to the manager for signature.

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