How To Copyright A Book

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How To Copyright A Book
How To Copyright A Book

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The issue of copyright protection is very relevant for many creators of intellectual property. Although all books are protected by law from the moment of their creation, it is better to "play it safe" and take care of protecting your rights yourself.

How to copyright a book
How to copyright a book


Step 1

Take care of your copyright protection before publishing. To do this, print out the written book, go to the post office and send the manuscript by registered mail or parcel post to yourself. When you receive the notice and the book, do not open the envelope. Keep it sealed and also save your postage receipt. This is done in case of plagiarism, if suddenly you have to prove your authorship, then you can submit a manuscript sent to yourself to the court, where there are marks and the date of sending and receiving the book on the envelope.

Step 2

If your book has been accepted for publication, then with you, as an author, the publishing house is obliged to conclude a standard agreement in which all the nuances of using the work are discussed, which is the guarantor of your copyright. Treat the signing of the contract with all attention and carefully study all the points. And if there is such an opportunity, it is better to contact a legal agency and consult a specialist.

Step 3

After publishing books, pay attention to the international standard number - ISBN. It is very important that it be appropriated. This code identifies all books published in the world and is considered proof of your copyright.

Step 4

According to the "Law on Copyright and Related Rights", copyright registration is not required, it is valid throughout the life of the author and for seventy years after his death. The rights to the name and protection of the writer's reputation are protected by this law indefinitely. But in order to avoid possible plagiarism and with the threat of litigation, your copyright can be registered with the Russian Authors' Society. Please note only that in this case you will have to pay a certain percentage of your fee.

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