How To Copyright Poetry

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How To Copyright Poetry
How To Copyright Poetry

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Most authors post their poems on various Internet resources, give it to friends to read, and only then think about their copyright. In order not to get into a very unpleasant situation when some unscrupulous person appropriated your poems, and you cannot do anything, it is better to take care of copyright protection in advance.

How to copyright poetry
How to copyright poetry


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The poet's rights can be divided into non-property and property. In the first case, the author has the right to be referred to as the creator of the work. He can publish the poem anywhere under his own name. The author can transfer property rights to another person (for example, a publisher). Property rights are extended if necessary. It is also important to know that copyright begins to operate from the moment the poem is written, and when 70 years have passed since the author's death, the work becomes a national property, and any person has the right to use it (directors making films based on Tolstoy's works should not receive any permissions).

Step 2

Unfortunately, you cannot come to a certain state organization with your poems and issue authorship on them. But you can still protect yourself from plagiarists as much as possible.

Step 3

The overwhelming majority of authors do not have the opportunity to publish their works on their own, since this process is very costly, and they do it through a publishing house. Your copyright protection will be guaranteed by an agreement with this publisher, in which you transfer the right to publish your poems. Read the document carefully and make sure that all the clauses of the contract suit you. If in doubt, it is best to consult a lawyer.

Step 4

If you have never planned to publish and write poetry for your own pleasure, posting the results of your creativity on a blog or on special sites, it will be more difficult to protect yourself from encroachment. Be sure to save the sources on your computer. If there is a dispute over who owns the authorship, the proof will be a document with the date of creation.

Step 5

An excellent way to protect your copyrights is to send a letter of poetry to yourself. In this situation, the postmark on the envelope will be the proof of the time of creation of the work.

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