How To Copyright A Song

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How To Copyright A Song
How To Copyright A Song

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Copyright is one of the most difficult and delicate legal issues. The law does not always stand on the side of the person who created the work, but always supports the one who had the creative product at the beginning. Fortunately, most authors stock up on evidence of their primacy in advance.

How to copyright a song
How to copyright a song


Step 1

Print out the sheet music of the song (along with overtones and vocal lines) or burn the audio file to disc. By itself, this operation will not protect your copyright, but by storing the composition only in virtual form, you will not protect yourself.

Step 2

Mail the printed score or disc to yourself. You can use virtual mail, but regular mail is much more reliable: when sending, an envelope is stamped with a date. Thanks to him, you will be able to prove your authorship. After receiving the letter, do not open it. This is only required if your song is stolen and appropriated by a third party: you present the envelope right in the courtroom, and an autopsy will show you are right. The virtual mail is also dated, but, unfortunately, such evidence is too ephemeral and not always possible for you. help.

Step 3

Visit a notary. Certainly, it will cost you a lot to certify the score, but later a lawyer will prove that the score was yours on a specific date. If the plagiarist tries to appropriate the song, he will not be able to prove otherwise. Before visiting a lawyer, contact him and ask how many copies are required. Some offices draw up an act, subject to the availability of two copies (disk, paper or other media).

Step 4

Authors' societies and agencies are quite numerous. Some formalize intellectual property rights for free, some for a fee. The most popular of these societies is the Russian Authors' Society (RAO). Its branches are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities. The Moscow branch is located near the station. m. "Pushkinskaya". To register the rights through it, make an appointment and bring the score or audio recording of the song in duplicate.

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