How To Patent A Song

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How To Patent A Song
How To Patent A Song

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Patenting is a state registration process that is carried out by a federal agency. You should patent your inventions and models, and this procedure does not apply to songs. To protect your interests regarding the use of the song, you need to have documentary evidence of copyright on hand. There are several ways to keep yourself safe from fraudsters on your song. Register copyright first.

How to patent a song
How to patent a song


Step 1

Make copyrights internationally or in Russia. Registration of works of authorship in the Russian Federation is carried out by public organizations, the largest representative of which is the Russian copyright organization called KOPIRUS. Deposits works of authorship by the Russian State Library.

Step 2

In the organization, get a copyright certificate, which indicates the date, the fact of registration, confirmation of the deposit of the work. A certificate does not create your copyright, but is proof of authorship for the purpose of copyright management. Copyright itself arises at the time a work is created and does not require registration. Before proceeding with further steps, learn to navigate in these legal terms.

Step 3

In order to start registering and depositing a work, fill out an application, the form of which is on the organization's website. Sign the contract, its form is also on the site. Pay for the registration service.

Step 4

Submit the documents to the Registration Department in person or by mail. If your registration falls into the category of standard procedures, then you will have to wait for an answer no more than 28 days. Simulate the situation: you've heard your song like a famous soundtrack. In the face of all honest people of humanity, you are simply obliged to receive the money due to you through the courts. That's when you need the above copyright registration certificate. To facilitate the work of the court, use the second option of defense. Put the lyrics in an envelope and send yourself by registered mail. Get your message. Attention! Never open the envelope. It has legal force only in its primary sealed form. You can leave the same package to the notary. Whichever method you come up with, remember that your goal is to prove the presumption of authorship. The presumption of authorship is assigned to the person who provides the court with the earliest copy of the work, indicating the author, regardless of who actually created it.

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