How To Apply For A Patent For An Invention

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How To Apply For A Patent For An Invention
How To Apply For A Patent For An Invention

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It would seem that everything has long been invented, and all the discoveries have been made. However, the flow of those wishing to secure their right to this or that discovery does not stop. To patent an invention on the territory of Russia, you need to file an application for a patent with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (abbreviated as Rospatent).

How to apply for a patent for an invention
How to apply for a patent for an invention


Step 1

First of all, make a qualitative description of the proposed technical solution, which is better to build according to the following scheme:

- title of the invention;

- the field to which the invention relates;

- the level of technology;

- the essence of the invention;

- the necessary drawings, drawings, diagrams, photographs that can explain the essence of the invention with brief explanations of their content;

- information that confirms the possibility of carrying out the invention;

- other information that the applicant considers necessary to communicate.

Step 2

After you have entered into an agreement with the principal for the provision of patent legal services, conclude an agreement on the confidentiality of the information received.

Step 3

Having a description of the technical solution, conduct a preliminary patent search. Such a search is carried out prior to filing an application with Rospatent. Its purpose is to establish the fundamental possibility and expediency of filing an application for a patent for an invention. During the search, an answer will be received about the presence of novelty of the investigated technical solution (or lack thereof), as well as the presence or absence of an inventive step.

Step 4

After completing the patent search, provide the principal with a written report on the work done. If conclusions are drawn about the expediency of patenting, then at the next stage you will prepare an application for filing it with Rospatent, coordinate the invention formula with the applicant. After completing these procedures, submit your patent application to the Federal Service in compliance with all the rules provided for this.

Step 5

After the application arrives at the appropriate authority, it will go through two stages of examination. On the basis of a positive decision made by the expert examination to issue a patent and subject to the payment of the established state fee, Rospatent enters the invention into the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation. Then the patent for the invention itself is issued directly.

It will be much easier to patent an invention if you entrust the matter to a patent firm.

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