How To Find A Patent For An Invention

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How To Find A Patent For An Invention
How To Find A Patent For An Invention

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Patent offices around the world are required by law to make information about inventions public. This applies to both existing and expired patents. The most convenient way to access them is via the Internet.

How to find a patent for an invention
How to find a patent for an invention


Step 1

To gain access to Russian and Soviet patents, enter the following url into the address bar of your browser:

Step 2

Find the link "Register of inventions" and follow it. This link is dynamic and is automatically generated anew each time, so it is impossible to bring it directly.

Step 3

All 2.5 million patents of Russia and the USSR in the list are grouped in hundreds of thousands. Select from the list which one interests you.

Step 4

Similarly, select the desired ten thousand, one thousand, and then one hundred documents.

Step 5

When the search circle is limited to one hundred, a list of the documents included in it will be displayed. Choose the one you want. If a patent is received before the early nineties of the twenty-first century, it is presented only in graphic form, in TIFF format. You will have to download from one to five files with a volume of about 80 kilobytes. Newer patents are additionally presented in text form and can be read directly on the website. But this does not negate the ability to download them as images if desired.

Step 6

To view TIFF files, use the display utility provided with ImageMagick on Linux. Don't confuse it with the Display program included with KDE. In Windows, this file format is opened by the Image and Fax Viewer.

Step 7

US patents are presented on the official website of the American Patent and Trademark Office - USPTO, which stands for United States Patent and Trademark Office. To find a patent, go to the following link:

Step 8

Select a search method. The patents obtained before 1976 are presented in text and graphic form, while the earlier ones are presented only in graphic form. You can download them in PDF format. For viewing such documents, the cross-platform Adobe Reader program is suitable, as well as its numerous analogues: XPdf, Foxit Reader and others.

Step 9

US patents are presented on several other sites, among which the most convenient is the following: Its distinctive feature is the presence in the text (recognized) form of even those patents that are not presented in this form on the official USPTO website. However, those documents that have printing defects in the original are posted on the site with numerous recognition errors.

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