How To Register A Patent For An Invention

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How To Register A Patent For An Invention
How To Register A Patent For An Invention

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A patent gives an exclusive right, which is expressed in the ability to possess an invention and dispose of it at its own discretion. Also, the registration of a patent prohibits the unauthorized use of the invention throughout the territory of Russia during the entire period of validity.

How to register a patent for an invention
How to register a patent for an invention


Step 1

To register a patent for an invention, file an application that must contain a patent application. In it, indicate the full name of the author of the invention, place of residence or location.

Step 2

Describe your invention. Give a full description on the basis of which the invention will be carried out. Perform a patent search in reference books, magazines, etc. Indicate information about the found analogs, write the patent number or details of the prototype.

Step 3

Make a formula of the invention. The reliability of the protection of your rights to an invention will depend on how competently you draw it up in the future. Write the formula of the invention in one sentence, consisting of two parts: the restrictive part and the distinctive part. In the limiting part, describe the purpose of the invention. Include the signs of the closest analogue. Start the distinctive part with the words "different in that." In it, give the features that distinguish your invention from the prototype. A formula can contain one or more items.

Step 4

If drawings are required to understand the essence of your invention, provide a brief description of them.

Step 5

Next, write your abstract. The recommended size is up to 1000 characters. The abstract is needed so that a large circle of specialists can understand the essence of the invention as quickly as possible. The information must be specific and clear.

Step 6

Seal in an A4 envelope and send by registered mail to Rospatent the following documents: application, description of the invention (3 pcs.), Abstract (3 pcs.), Drawings (3 pcs.), Original paid receipt of state duty for filing an application. Prepare the fourth copy of the documents and have it certified by a notary to protect against theft.

Step 7

Within 2 months, Rospatent conducts a formal examination: checks the content of the application, the availability of documents, confirmation of payment of the fee. Further, a substantive examination is carried out, which lasts from one to two years. Based on the results of this examination, a decision is made to issue a patent, or to refuse to issue it. Further, the invention is entered into the State Register of Inventions of the Russian Federation and a patent for the invention is issued.

Step 8

The beginning of the term of the patent is the date of filing the application. This period is twenty years. Pay a patent fee every year to maintain it.

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