How To Renew A Land Lease Agreement

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How To Renew A Land Lease Agreement
How To Renew A Land Lease Agreement

A lease agreement for a land plot can be concluded with the state represented by local governments, with legal entities or individuals. The lease of land plots is regulated by the Land Code of the Russian Federation and a number of articles of the Civil Code, which provide for the automatic extension or renewal of the contract.

How to renew a land lease agreement
How to renew a land lease agreement

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - application;
  • - notification of the owner.


Step 1

Regardless of with whom you entered into a land lease agreement, it can be concluded for a short or long term. All contracts concluded for a period exceeding 1 year are subject to state registration with the Federal Office of the State Registration Center. To do this, you will need to submit an agreement and a photocopy, your passport, an extract from the cadastral passport of the site and a copy of the cadastral plan, fill out an application in a unified form and pay the registration fee.

Step 2

If the terms of payment or any other conditions of the current agreement have changed during the lease term, then you must draw up an additional agreement in two copies, each of which remains with the tenant and the lessor.

Step 3

After the expiration of the specified term of the agreement, you cannot renew the current document. You need to renegotiate the lease and register it with the FUGRTS.This applies both to contracts between individuals and to the conclusion of an agreement with the municipality.

Step 4

If, after the expiration of the contract, none of the parties expressed a desire to terminate it and the tenant continues to use the plot, then the contract is automatically extended for the same period and on the same conditions (Article 621 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

Step 5

Therefore, if the landlord has not shown a desire to terminate the contract or renegotiate it on new terms, then you can not worry about anything and continue to use the site on the same terms.

Step 6

If the landlord has notified you in writing about the renegotiation of the contract, then you are obliged to renegotiate the contract and carry out the state registration procedure within the established timeframe, that is, the next day after the expiration of the valid document.

Step 7

The contract is subject to mandatory renegotiation before the expiration of its term, if the citizen with whom it was concluded died or changed his place of residence. To do this, you must contact the administration with an application and identity documents.

Step 8

If the contract was concluded with a private person, then it is necessary to notify the owner within 1 month and renegotiate the contract indicating the new tenant.

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