How To Properly Fill Out An Application

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How To Properly Fill Out An Application
How To Properly Fill Out An Application

A personal statement is the basis for specific decisions and the starting point at the beginning of many processes. Such a document is required not only to resolve employment issues, but also to apply to various authorities, starting with the housing department and ending with the authorities. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to do it competently and in compliance with the generally accepted form.

How to properly fill out an application
How to properly fill out an application


Step 1

The application is always handwritten, so leave your computer and prepare a standard A4 sheet of office paper and a regular pen. According to the rules, the color of the ink in it should be blue or black. There is no single unified form of such a document, but nevertheless, when drawing up an application, follow the general rules of office work. Some large companies offer to fill out an application form, in which all the necessary details have already been entered. This is not illegal, but in any case, you must write the basic information by hand. Check out the samples of personal applications by following the link below the main text.

Step 2

The introductory part of the application is traditionally reserved for the placement of initial details and is located in the upper right corner of the sheet. Start filling it out by specifying the addressee. Write all his data in the dative case "to whom". As a rule, the position of the responsible person is first written to the “Director” (manager, chief, etc.). Then the name of the company, the surname and initials of the manager. Below you write your own requisites in the genitive case after the preposition "from". Recently, the need to place the preposition "from" in the heading of the application has been disputed. It would not be a mistake to write "whose" statement - "engineer IS Svetlov". Among other things, depending on the type of application, additional details may be indicated here. This can be a structural unit of the company "branch No." or home address and telephone number.

Step 3

In the center of the sheet, place the name of the document, capitalizing it with “Application”. Do not put a period after it, because this word is the title of the document. In the obsolete form, it was permissible to write the title with a lowercase letter, as a continuation of the main sentence. In this case, a full stop was put after it.

Step 4

The main text of the statement is set out in the form of a request after the word "Please". Here, state the essence of the appeal (request, proposal or complaint), set deadlines, argue briefly, if necessary. Below, under the text, on the left edge, place the date of writing the application. It can be located higher, in the introductory part, but always along the border of the left margin. On the right, set aside a place for your personal signature.

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