How To Restore The Metro Map

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How To Restore The Metro Map
How To Restore The Metro Map

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A subway map is a rather delicate thing: it can easily bend and tear. It also happens that it was stolen from you. However, so that your money or benefits are not lost, it can be restored. You just need to be patient and deal with the recovery procedure.

How to restore the metro map
How to restore the metro map

It is necessary

  • -statement;
  • -anquette;
  • -the photo;
  • -checks for payment of a transport card or loading money.


Step 1

If your card is damaged: the number has been erased, cracked, wrinkled, then contact the passenger agency. To do this, you need to go there, write an appropriate statement indicating the reason for the replacement. If you have a receipt for the purchase of this transport card, or if you have a receipt confirming the loading of funds on a replenished travel card, then be sure to attach it to your application. This will help you prove that there is money on the card, which means that it must either be returned or transferred to another, updated card.

Step 2

After you write the application and attach all the necessary documents, you will need to pay the cost directly to the card. This is necessary to pay the organization's costs of restoring your document.

Step 3

If you had a concessional travel card (student, student, etc.), then you need to fill out a special form. Glue a photo on it. Despite the fact that the rules do not require a photo, it is better to take it with you anyway. Just in case. Students and schoolchildren need to be sure to certify this questionnaire. As a rule, they do this at the dean's office of the university or the school secretariat. Then take your passport and take this form to the nearest metro station. Hand it in, confirming your identity with a passport. The recovery time for a student pass is approximately 2 weeks. During this time, you will be issued a temporary concession card for travel. When the restored transport card is ready, you will have to pay 50 rubles and pick it up after presenting your passport to the cashier.

Step 4

Unfortunately, in those cases when your card was stolen, or you lost it, it is unlikely that it will be possible to restore it. This is believed to be your fault. You can hardly prove that you had such a card. After all, even if you have a receipt for the purchase of a card, it is not proof, because it does not bear your name. This means that in this case you will have to buy the card again.

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