What Is A Technical And Technological Map

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What Is A Technical And Technological Map
What Is A Technical And Technological Map

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The technical and technological map is an integral part of the preparation of dishes at public catering establishments. This documentation is being developed by specialist technologists; it is strictly forbidden to violate the approved cooking technology.

What is a technical and technological map
What is a technical and technological map

What does this term mean

Technical and technological maps prescribe a complete step-by-step technology and recipe for a dish, the ratio of ingredients in it, control over the cooking process and the quality of finished products. According to these cards, catering establishments are checked by the regulatory authorities, checking the observance of all necessary technological operations.

Along with the technology of cooking, this document specifies the requirements for certification and safety of the raw materials used, the cooking process, the results of laboratory studies of products on the content of harmful substances and compliance with SanPin are entered.

The procedure for filling out a technical and technological map

This document has a unified form, all columns contained in it must be completed. First, the name of the dish and its category are indicated. Below is a list of necessary products with an indication of the quantity and required quality, energy value of the ingredients. The card should contain complete information about the norms for the laying of net and gross products, the output of semi-finished products and ready meals.

The next step is the order in which the ingredients are applied. This is the most important stage - a description of all technological processes with a mandatory indication of compliance with safety requirements and standards during thermal, mechanical processing and cutting. The use of artificial colors, flavors and food additives is also mentioned.

This document also imposes requirements on the storage conditions, serving and selling of the dish, its appearance, consistency, transportation conditions in accordance with regulatory enactments. Also, the technological chart should have information on the full energy value, safety and quality of the dish.

Keeping records of a food company

Each technological card must be signed by a process engineer and the head of the enterprise, a serial number is assigned to it and these data are entered into a special log. The technological map has a validity period, which is determined individually in each case. With a responsible approach to the organization of work, catering enterprises usually have a full set of technological maps of seasonal dishes, and with the onset of a new season, these maps are compiled anew, taking into account the changes made to the menu.

At any catering establishments, regardless of their status, the cooking process begins with drawing up a technical and technological map. Its competent design serves as a guarantee that the dish will be popular with the visitors of the establishment and will bring him financial profit.

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