How To Get A Job In The FMS

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How To Get A Job In The FMS
How To Get A Job In The FMS

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The Federal Migration Service accepts applications from candidates for vacant positions in accordance with the federal law "On State Civil Service". According to this legal act, requirements are put forward for potential employees of the FSM regarding education, work experience, skills and abilities.

How to get a job in the FMS
How to get a job in the FMS


Step 1

If you want to get a job at the FMS for the position of a leader, assistant (adviser), a specialist who provides a specialist for the main and leading group, you must have a higher education. If you are planning to become a supporting specialist for a junior or middle group, then you must submit a diploma of having a secondary vocational education corresponding to the field of activity.

Step 2

You must know the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, decrees and orders of the President of the Russian Federation, other regulations, including acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, issued on issues within the competence of the FMS, orders of the FMS regulating its work. You must be able to work with people, conduct business negotiations, possess the skills of business communication and writing, own computer and office equipment, be able to use reference and legal systems ("Consultant Plus", "Guarantor"). You can take part in the competition for a vacant position in the FMS if your age is under 60 years old.

Step 3

In order to get a job in the FMS, you need to contact the nearest department and submit a package of documents: - handwritten application; - application form; - autobiography; - photos 3x4 and 4x6, 2 pieces; - a copy of all pages of the passport, foreign passport, certificates of marriage (divorce), birth certificates of children; - a copy of the work book, certified by the personnel department at the place of work; - copies of documents on education, retraining and advanced training; - certificate of income, property and debt obligations; - medical report on the absence of diseases that impede the passage of civil service; - copies of military registration documents; - certificate of registration with the tax authority (TIN).

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