How To Resist Collectors: Defending Property Rights

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How To Resist Collectors: Defending Property Rights
How To Resist Collectors: Defending Property Rights

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People who faced the problem of non-repayment of debts probably received calls from all kinds of collection agencies with which their creditor cooperates. Collectors themselves are not endowed with any powers to seize property against debt, they should not be feared.

How to Resist Collectors: Defending Property Rights
How to Resist Collectors: Defending Property Rights

What collectors can do and what to do for you

But there are still rules for communicating with them, and the most important thing is to listen carefully to what they say, and sometimes to record on a dictaphone. Professional agencies have excellent legal experts, and you cannot catch them on mistakes. All that remains is not to start any new property, so that it is not seized by a court decision by the bailiffs. The best way to write down everything new to relatives.

But with some "lads" the conversation can be short, after the threats, you can write a statement to the police, which will understand. By law, you have no right to seize your only living space, putting you on the street. Depending on the number of people in the family, the allowable area may be different.

Of course, all cases are individual and situations in different cities may be different. The problem of the borrower and the lender will be eternal. In this case, you need to be patient, not to acquire new property and, as a decent citizen, pay your debt a little at a time.

The court may order that a portion of your salary be used to pay off the loan.

The best way to avoid talking to collection agencies and bailiffs is not to take out loans or be completely sure that you will be able to repay the required amount on time.

Collector working methods

Collectors will only "bother" you with calls to work, relatives and, first of all, you, look for a meeting, find out your financial situation, etc. Mostly only legal methods are used. With illegal situations, it is worth soberly assessing the situation and looking for a patron only in the person of state law enforcement agencies or the court.

Unfortunately, Russia, especially in the regions, continues to experience vestiges of the 90s, so it is worth being patient in difficult situations.

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