How To Stop Being A Workaholic

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How To Stop Being A Workaholic
How To Stop Being A Workaholic

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There is nothing wrong with loving your job. On the contrary, it's great when work brings pleasure. But as in any other case, you should avoid extremes so as not to become a workaholic, for whom work is most important.

How to stop being a workaholic
How to stop being a workaholic


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Workaholism is by no means a new phenomenon. As soon as work appeared in the world, people appeared who were ready to devote themselves to their work without a trace, not imagining anything more important. Of course, it is much better to go to your favorite job than to an unloved one, but you should not devote all your time to work alone.

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The reasons for a drunken attitude to work can be different. This is the fear of a lack of money, and the lack of meaningful goals outside of working life, and problems in the family, and simply a supercritical attitude towards oneself. The result, as a rule, is the same - the time spent at work gradually approaches the day, any thoughts that are not related to the work process disappear, only career growth and the maximum quality of work remain of interests.

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In order not to become a workaholic, there are some rules to keep in mind. First, it is necessary to defeat the perfectionist complex in oneself - a person who is never satisfied with the results of his own labor. Listen to the opinions of others more often, this will help you evaluate your work objectively.

Step 4

Second, learn to plan your time correctly. The correct distribution of tasks in time will not only relieve the busy schedule, but will also help to perform the existing tasks better. At a minimum, determine how much time you need for this or that task, add 10% to this, and try to meet the allotted time.

Step 5

Thirdly, one should not forget about rest. On weekends, turn off your phone, go out of town, change your rhythm so as not to think about work. It can be very useful to find yourself a hobby that is not related to your main activity, or just to spend time with loved ones who will value your attention much higher than career success.

Step 6

Remember, workaholism isn't just about focusing on work. It is a disease, an addiction that needs to be cured. You should not mix workaholism and hard work, because an ordinary hardworking person understands perfectly well that any work is nothing more than a means for solving more important life tasks, and making it a goal is stupid and dangerous.

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