What Is A Profession

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What Is A Profession
What Is A Profession

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Profession (from Latin professio - "officially specified occupation") is a kind of human activity that requires special knowledge and skills in a particular area, which a person acquires as a result of training, theoretical and practical training, as well as experience gained in the process of work.

What is a profession
What is a profession


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The acquisition of a profession is carried out in special, secondary specialized (technical schools, colleges, schools) and higher (institute, university, conservatory, seminary, academy, studio school, etc.) educational institutions.

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Secondary specialized educational institutions, as a rule, train specialists in the field of industry, agriculture, construction, health care, etc. Technical schools are called technical schools. Graduates of technical schools are direct performers of work, assistants of middle and top-level specialists or organizers of labor of lower workers.

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The schools train specialists in the field of economics, pedagogy, and medicine. There are also theater, art, military schools, which are sometimes called schools. School graduates often go to higher education institutions to continue their studies and improve their professional qualifications.

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Higher institutions train highly qualified specialists in various fields of science, culture, pedagogy, economics, jurisprudence, medicine, military affairs, spiritual education, etc.

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The list of professions is very diverse and includes many areas, in which, in turn, there are specialties. In terms of meaning, the concept of "specialty" is close to the concept of a profession. It is a system of knowledge, skills and abilities, concretized and directed to a specific local area of ​​the profession. For example, in the medical profession, doctors have different specialties - surgeons, therapists, oncologists, neuropathologists, etc.; in pedagogy - teachers in various subjects, in cinema - actors, directors, screenwriters, stuntmen, cameramen, etc.

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The profession often becomes a business, which is the main source of income, therefore it is considered synonymous with the word "work". The profession unites people of the same knowledge profile into a professional community, with the same interests, thoughts, lifestyle, aspirations. The profession gives a person the opportunity to get a life goal, to choose his own path.

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A professional is a person who is constantly growing and developing in his field, gaining experience, raising qualifications. A professional moves up the career ladder, takes more and more senior positions, increases his income and, accordingly, material living conditions. Therefore, mastering a profession has many advantages in improving and stabilizing life and confidence in the future.

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